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The New Witches’ Handbook”- A Quick Reference Guide for the Magically Inclined:

Release Date: October 1st, 2018

A treasure for holistically minded esoterics from all walks of life, and an absolute must have for those just setting foot upon the enchanted path, “The New Witches’ Handbook” will inspire and inform the reader in regards to a variety of the magical elements found in many of the Nature based cultural roots we all share, giving her the tools she needs to build a solid foundation in her personal Craft.

Boasting a plethora of useful information as well as special pages designated for the readers own unique contributions, “The New Witches’ Handbook” is a valuable reference, a wonderful Book of Shadows, and a beautiful addition to any witchy woman’s library…..

Arriving at a time when the world cannot afford to ignore its message, “The New Witches Handbook” is a simple yet eloquent compass offering direction to those who are seeking answers to the questions many of us were instructed not to ask. It is for anyone struggling to remember what our ancestors once knew, what we can feel is embedded deep within our DNA, even if our minds have yet to grasp it due to environmental and cultural restraints.

A must have for anyone interested in magick, mysticism, witchcraft, paganism, Nature reconnection, or eco-feminism, and a true treasure for any woman with an interest in the Craft and reconnecting to her indigenous, tribal roots, “The New Witches Handbook” is a reference guide, book of shadows, journal, and inspiration well-spring rolled into one enchanting package. With just enough practical knowledge to set the would-be moon priestess in the direction of her choosing, and pages dedicated specifically to the sacred act of observation and self-reflection, this magical guide is a wonderful and steady companion on what many wild women discover is a lifelong journey of self-discovery, wonder, empathy, and connection. From circle-casting to make-up magic, no witches library and no mystics curiosity will be satisfied without it.

“While this book will prove useful to both novice and seasoned Witches’, it was written specifically with those who are new to the Craft in mind. Perhaps those who have recently experienced The Calling for themselves. It is a customizable Book of Shadows, a starting point, a quick reference guide for the wealth of information that is waiting to be discovered on this most magical of journeys.”

— S. R. Lee




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“Your Sensual Awakening”- A 5 Week Journey of Self Discovery:

Release Date: December 1st, 2018

Designed to help you unlock your bodies infinite capacity for pleasure and add a level of decadent vibrancy to your life you did not know was possible, “Your Sensual Awakening” guides you day by day through a five-week course that will leave you radiant.

By focusing on isolating and reactivating each of our (often times) over-stimulated physical senses, we begin to experience the world in HD, and our life is able to take on that inherent sparkle that is the birthright of all sentient beings.

“Your Sensual Awakening” gives you the tools necessary to blossom into the walking embodiment of the Sensual Goddess, who resides in each of us. If she is calling to you, the time for this book is now.  

It becomes increasingly evident that our fast-paced, highly technological culture is suffering from a severe disassociation with the natural world. We have been primed to expect instant gratification, to glorify “busy”, and the importance of output and production, and to ignore the necessary cycles of rest, recovery, and introspection. Among a plethora of unsavory side-effects resulting from this mental malady is the overstimulation and eventual dulling of the senses. We have been taught to believe that logic, reason, and the workings of the mind are far superior to feeling, intuition, and body awareness.

Monetary and material possessions are valued above all else, and the the actual energy, the FEELING(s), that saturate our day to day lives are ignored or disregarded as petty inconveniences.
Why would your ears want to hear if all you hear is shouting bosses and sirens all day? Why would our tongues strive to taste if all they were tasting was chemicals and fear. Why would our eyes want to see if everywhere we looked we saw cruelty and destruction?

In order to cope with the constant stream of information and sensory overload that we are bombarded with by massive companies seeking to sell us on their products, our over-stimulated senses begin to shut down, (although usually only after years of being effectively ignored), and often the imbalances that our senses are in part designed to alert us to are left unchecked until they manifest in physical injury or disease. But it does not have to be this way.

Enter “Your Sensual Awakening”. This five week course is designed specifically to slow you down and wake you up. Each day you will be gently guided to re-examine and re-experience the sensual capacity of your body and discover the thrill of truly coming to understand your bodies infinite (yes, INFINITE), capacity to feel an unrestrained and all encompassing bliss—and to do so on a daily basis. One of the easiest ways to amp up your sense of vitality and lust for life is through the pleasure to be found in the primal physical sensations we are inherently equipt with.

While the practice of consciously using and expanding the senses, (the techniques for doing so which are thoroughly explained in this book), is crucial to experiencing any kind of sensual awakening, the path “Your Sensual Awakening” lays out for the reader goes a step beyond with its ability to shift the readers perspective, so that by the end of the month-long cycle, she will have transformed into a pleasure-seeking treasure-huntress and embodiment of the Sensual Goddess that resides within every woman. Equipt with her recently awakened and superbly honed senses, she is able to find these exquisite moments of bliss tucked into the most unexpected places each and every day.

This journey is a gift to yourself and others that you will not want to miss.


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“How to F-ck Like a Goddess”- Become a Tantra Advocate & Conscious Sex Doula 

Release Date: January 1st, 2018

Sexual energy is the same divine energy that permeates everything in existence. By learning how to re-establish an intimate, creative, and loving relationship with your own sexuality and the act of sex itself, you will experience profound and positive changes in all aspects of your life that directly result in increased health, vitality, and overall well-being. In addition, you will become a catalyst for healing a world that has been sexually wounded, exploited, and perverted. By simply awakening to the awesome and health promoting power of Tantra you transform yourself into a generator of love and life. These energies will flow through and out of you and into the universe like shimmering electric ripples in a pond, affecting all they come in contact with. 

“How to F-ck Like a Goddess” reveals the secrets to mastering the art of intimacy, transforms you into a full-blown sex goddess, leaves you and your lover(s) ravenous for more, and perhaps most importantly, gives you the necessary tools required to effectively share this knowledge with a world that is in desperate need of its’ healing message.

While this journey is one filled with wonder, magic, awe and amazement, it does take a certain amount of dedication and is not for the faint of heart. I applaude your courage, awareness, and commitment to yourself, and thank you for heeding the inner call of your soul urging you to get down and dirty in order to blossom to your full potential.


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