I Want YOU to Decolonize NOW!

B-b-but…whyyyyy??? you may be asking.

The United States of America is a failed experiment. While it may have enjoyed a brief moment in the sun, and continue to maintain status as the most “powerful” country in the world, one looks around and cannot help but ask; At what cost is this ‘power’ obtained, and is the benefit worth it?

Too high, and no.

To those still (loudly and obnoxiously) claiming ‘Merica to be the greatest country in the world, I ask you, the greatest in what?

Education. No.

Healthcare. Not even close.

Economic equality. Nope.

Gender equality. Ha! You wish.

Abundant natural beauty and resources. Well maybe. But anyone who has done a bit of traveling or has access to Pinterest knows that there is unique and breathtaking beauty to be found the world over. Yet we as a nation have raped, pillaged, plundered, and polluted our land, (which I will point out is not our land and belongs to no individual, group of individuals, or specific species, but is the life giver and sustainer that WE BELONG TO- not the other way around. To believe otherwise is to trust in a dangerous illusion). Everything in existence belongs to the Earth, to Nature. Yet we continue to not only violently abuse our homelands, but encroach upon and devastate the lands of neighboring countries near and far, exploiting and destroying for the monetary profits of a small group of individuals to the point we have become not a global leader or example, but a world bully. A dangerous laughingstock. The only thing we lead in is mass-shootings and mass-incarceration. Those are the facts. And this is your idea of success?

“What about security?” you say. “Quality of life?” Look around you. No, really- put down the phone and look around you. Take a moment to observe your fellow human beings. Do they look happy? Healthy? Vibrant, peaceful, radiating joy and love as Nature/God intended? Or is there a glazed and deadened look in their eyes? A tension and struggle in the way their movements?

One woman, @allisonserrao_ writes:

“It’s not just gun control that’s an issue here, it’s the mental health of America. You know it, I know it, the whole country knows it. We work our people to the ground, we live paycheck to paycheck, our family leave- forget about it, vacation time? What’s that? Cost of living, let’s not forget about the healthcare. [And I would like to add many of us can literally not afford to die…]

How about having a sexual predator as out f-ing president guys? That the leader of our country’s most famous slogan is “Grab em by the..” The rape culture that is now apparent in every corner of every news outlet and the PTSD we are putting our people through? What about our secretary of education being a complete imbecile? How about our president literally not believing in global warming. When it comes to our children do we honestly think these large scale things don’t trickle down into our everyday lives? On top of the nationwide issues our children do not get a break from the pressures of society, school, work, even their extra curricular activities become a job, there is no place of solace, and if there is, our children are not being taught how to use it. We as a people have ignored our human right to take care of ourselves and have created a culture and a nation full of sick humans. Go look in your nearest prison, count the mentally ill walking the streets without care, take a walk down the riverbed in my backyard to see the homeless…the only time we offer any real push services to help mental health and even physical health is when something bad has already taken place. This country has disabled its entire nation from being able to take care ourselves and our own. 18 [now 22] school shootings since the year has begun? It’s not just the guns people, its not just the f-ing guns.”

It is hard to deny the facts, (and perhaps harder to face the truth), the brutal reality of our situation is that we are a severely ill population, in both body and spirit. Our culture is one of arrogance, selfishness, and mental disease.

But stemming from what? How can we fix this if we do not know the cause, the root of the problem?

Aaahh but we do! It’s just a question of whether or not YOU are willing to face the truth, whether or not you really are able to admit your own personal ignorance, shame, guilt, responsibility, and where you have fallen short, and then take the necessary actions required to rebalance these areas and move on, move forward. As within, so without.


Lets take a look at the beginning. The beginning of this ‘great country’. The history we were taught in school would first lead one to envision kind and courageous blonde, blue-eyed families risking life and limb to make a go in a vast and wild wilderness, fighting off wolves, mountain lions, and the occasional barbaric ‘savage’ hell-bent on harassing women and children as they fled the oppressive rule of their dark and dreary homelands. Later, epic battles would be fought while yankee-doodle played in the background, fireworks exploded in the sky, and the glorious red-white-and-blue of our young and promising nations flag waved proudly over the battlefields where those brave young men fell like angels as their dutiful wives cried on the hills, heartbroken yet proud their men had died defending freedom and the glory of God. Through their blood and sacrifice, this great country was born.

Awww. What a cute story. Yet it is fantasy.

I do not discredit the hardships the colonists faced here, nor do I make light of the lives lost or the values they died defending, (some of those values at least). My purpose is not to mock or discredit the courage and bravery it took many men and women to make the United States into a country I feel fortunate to have been born into. However,  I am NOT willing to be naive about the reality of our nations beginning. And the reality is that this country was founded on the massacre of an entire population of human beings who had been living and evolving with the landscape for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS! Your “American” ancestors decimated the villages, lands, traditions, languages, religions, and freedoms, of an entire continents existing and extensive population. The result its that we have lost the only source of valid ecological place-based knowledge (which had been carefully gathered, experienced, shared, preserved, crafted, refined, and passed on orally by the wisest village elders generation after generation after generation….over THOUSANDS OF YEARS!), and we are ALL suffering the consequences of such a loss.

Look at the increasing instances of fatal natural disasters such as wildfires, mudslides, sink-holes, and flash floods, all resulting largely from the mismanagement of the wild landscape. Look at the epidemic of mental illness (and if you can honestly tell me that most of the adults you know are NOT on some sort of anxiety medication or anti-depressants, I will be pleasantly surprised), all stemming from our systematic disconnect from Nature. Or at least our dumb unawareness of Her universal laws, (as one can never truly disconnect from Nature, being a part of nature herself).

Therein lies the root of the problem: Our disconnect from Nature.

We are wild creatures by birth, but have become “civilized”. Which is to say “colonized”. Which is to say domesticated.

We, my friends, are unwell in body, mind, and spirit, because we are free and wild beings, (which does not mean primitive, barbaric, unkind, or without a moral code), designed by the eons to live in intimate and intuitive harmony with our immediate surroundings, including its diverse and awe-inspiring array of living and non-living entities. Yet we have been domesticated and essentially enslaved by a system that cares not for love, happiness, health, and wellbeing, but rather on monetary profits, material gain, and the accumulation of power over others. We have been fed a lie of “survival of the fittest”, a myth which favors competition over collaboration, in order to keep us fearful and divided, so that we cannot see that which has really occurred is simply a new form of slavery. One in which a handful of elite have successfully made the rest of us dependent on them (global mass-corporations and big pharma companies), for everything from food and water, to shelter, warmth, healthcare, giving birth, and even raising our young.


Without the “comforts” of modern society, many of us would not survive, having been so cut off from our most basic ancestral survival skills, that we would have no idea what to do in the real world, that which lies beyond this artificial zoo we have created for ourselves. The world in which we are responsible for providing our own warmth, shelter, and protection from the elements and predators. The world where it is up to us, as individuals, families, and tribes, to locate, harvest, process, share, and enjoy our own food and water, the truest givers of life and health, where we heal our own illnesses, birth our own children, and manage our own birth control, as our predecessors did (successfully I might add), for thousands of years prior to the start of agriculture.

When these God-given skills are purposefully kept from us, when there are actual laws in place preventing us from practicing our Nature-based freedoms, we become exclusively dependent on a system which cares nothing for our well-being, only whether or not they can use us as either a producer or a consumer to increase their profit margin. The American dream is a hoax. And we have sacrificed our sovereignty on its behalf.The fact that the POTUS champions the extraction of more fossil fuels, more jobs, and thus more money, over the rapidly declining health of the planet and all her inhabitants, speaks volumes about how far we have missed the mark as a country and world leader.

What do you call it when one or both parents are forced to spend the majority of the day, the majority or the week, aka the majority OF THEIR LIVES!!!- away from their homes, families, and loved ones, (conveniently leaving the rearing of young to the corrupt agenda of the media, which has no qualms about brainwashing the innocent so they will grow into fearful, insecure, selfish individuals driven to purchase more and more without question..), so they can work hour after hour at a soul-crushing job, just to be able to afford housing, food, clothing, healthcare, and basic utilities? If not outright slavery, it reeks of indentured servitude.

From the moment we are born, and especially from the moment we enter the school system, we are being groomed to be good little robots who do what they are told and keep all the economic cogs running smoothly. And woe to the poor soul who dares to stray too far outside the socially accepted norms. Yet this system is severely unstable and unsustainable. If you can’t see that by now it is likely your people were completely domesticated several generations before your birth, or you suffer from a general lack of intelligence. Not necessarily your fault. The cultivation of the “sheep” mentality is one that has been carefully favored, preserved, and promoted by religions, patriarchy, and companies going back hundreds of years.

But we see it. We remember. We know how this country began. It was founded on genocide. On the mass-murder of the innocent indigenous. This was done by YOUR ancestors. By OUR ancestors, yet we can’t even admit and take responsibility for this founding fact, or the fact that the survivors of this holocaust continue to be oppressed, ignored, and degraded to this day. Nor are we able to admit the fact that after this cultural annihilation the country was grown with the ideals of white supremacy, crippled by the demonization of the sacred feminine, “colonized” on the bloodied backs of African slaves, and poisoned by the religious backed lie that Nature is a commodity, and not a living, breathing, conscious entity.

Our legacy is using religion as a tool to manipulate the masses, destroy the landscape, and dehumanize and persecute those whose  beliefs and perspectives stand in opposition of European Patriarchy. To be the largest catalyst in the global warming epidemic. To leave devastation in our wake wherever we go.

So now we have more or less identified the problem. There is absolutely nothing civilized about “civilization”. Agriculture is not, and has never been “progress”, (more on this another time, for those still left scratching their heads). Our current culture is damaging on both individual and global scales. But what is the point of griping about all of societies flaws if one can not imagine any sane solutions?  I offer those as well:



Take back your power. As an individual, a family, a tribe, a local community, a people.

A lover and companion of Nature, in all her sensual forms.

Accept your power and responsibility. Vote with your dollar, even if you have only one. If you are reading this, you have the ability to vote with your money. Every day. While your at it, learn to live without money. Yes. It is possible. The earth still spins, the tides still turn, the wolves still hunt and your lungs still pump oxygen in and out of your body whether or not your bank account is zeroed out or not.

Learn how to be a sovereign human being again. One who does not outsource their freedom, health, well-being, and ability to stay fed and safe to large unethical organizations. Learn that you don’t need a middle man or set religion in order to talk to God and experience unity and divinity. Discover through observation and silence that nature moves slowly, allows for periods of rest and recovery, and favors collaboration, harmony, and diversity, over competition, aggression, and monoculture.

Decolonize the following NOW:





More than anything- LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY. Learn how to love and accept yourself completely, despite your inevitable shortcomings and imperfections. We all have them. It’s what makes life interesting. Do not be afraid of being wrong or failing. Be courageous and wise enough to change. You deserve it. You are capable. Follow your passions and burn any limiting or fear based belief systems you come into contact with to the ground. The ashes will nourish the next wave of new growth.

Remember, whether white, black, brown, red, yellow, or green, we ALL come from a tribal people. ALL of our ancestors at one point or another worshipped a divine Mother and lived in intimate co-existence with the plants, rocks, animals, spirits, and people who surrounded them. Your legacy and your ancestors legacy goes back so much further than the past 500 years…

I am not suggesting going back to the stone age, or living as nomads out of tipis and mud-lodges, (unless that sort of thing appeals to you. If so, hit me up!). I am suggesting we acknowledge that enough is enough, and that we know when to dismantle that which is not serving the Greatest Good and develop the willpower to do so, (like yesterday. No more lollygaggin!). That we look to the past not to dwell in it, but to harvest the wisdom contained within it, pair it with the knowledge we have gained with this failed experiment of capitalistic patriarchy, and gracefully move forward with heads held high into a new world story.

One does not need laws and religions to tell one how to be a “good” person, or how to behave in an acceptable manner. These are the inventions of a culture designed to control and assert power over any and all others. We, by our very creation and existence, are agents of love and harmony. We need only have the courage to remember, and to face our own reflections in all their hideous beauty.


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