I am a Mother, Lover, Tantra & Sensuality Coach, Reiki Master, Ordained Spiritual Counselor & fantasy-loving Wild Witch who practices in the high deserts of Southern California. I am currently working on my next book, (duh!), developing my permaculture village/ wildling tribe, and learning to speak Horse.

I am multi-ethnic,and celebrate my heritage, my ancestors, and the blood of my sisters.

I claim my power as a WOMBan, a creatrix, giver and protector of life.

I am learning how to break the rules that do not serve the greatest good. I do not need laws, religion, or european patriarchy to tell me how to live my life or how to be a good person. I seek to answer only to the Laws of Nature and the Truth of my Heart.

A wild spirit in a domesticated body, on a quest for sovereignty. Attempting to walk down the feral path.

I am passionate about about passion. Also about the war against the Wild, sisterhood, celebration, reclaiming our stories, and strengthening our roots.


I write about it.


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