Sacred Earth Academy

Sacred Earth Academy (SEA) is my dream for the future of education. It is an organization dedicated to facilitating and nurturing the reconnection of the individual to their “authentic selves” as well as to the natural environment.

Imagine an off-grid learning center built from the ground up by it’s community using sustainable building practices and designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment. This ‘school’ will be located on (hopefully :)) several hundred acres which will use holistic, permaculture, and indigenous land management practices (taught onsite), to enhance its health, beauty, and quality of life for the land and all of her inhabitants.

Unlike traditional schools, which focus on performance, test scores, and college preparation, SEA is concerned with teaching individuals of all ages how to live happy, healthy, vibrant, joy-filled lives. This is done by teaching students how to be human again, through a variety of curriculum focusing on primitive, primal, and ancestral skills,   tailored for accessibility by people of all ages and backgrounds. Through the pursuit of these skills, the foundations of math, science, history (including pre-colonization history and that which is told from the perspective of North Americas’ original inhabitants), reading/writing, are naturally acquired by younger pupils who will require these basics to navigate and thrive in the modern western world we live in.

While there are some schools already in existence which teach some of these skills and pursue similar and admirable goals, the biggest lack in this desperately needed education is two-fold:

#1) Age segregation- Most schools are open to adults only, and these tend to focus on a limited age window. SEA is designed to teach humans of ALL AGES how to harmonize, work together, learn from each other, and find joy in each others company. This includes everyone from infants to great-great-great- grandparents! Individuals will learn not just how to connect with members of their own age bracket, but from the wealth of experience and new perspectives to be learn by interacting with people from all age groups.

#2) Economic segregation- Most of these classes, courses, workshops, certifications, and retreats that I mentioned are extremely expensive. This prevents the knowledge from reaching some of the people who need it the most. Our mission is to create an environment where curiosity, imagination, and exploration lead. We hope to instill a sense of connection, respect, and love of the natural world from an early age, and to reawaken it later in life. We feel it is our duty to provide all interested people with the skills needed to live truly free and sovereign lives, regardless of color, class, or creed. Therefore our goal is to make out classes and enrollment absolutely free to everyone who is drawn to our philosophies. Furthermore, we will have free learning content available online, as well as “nomadic” teaching tribes that travel around teaching pop-up classes and workshops.

A brief summary of goals which form the foundation of SEAs operations are:
*Providing young children with an “outdoor” classroom in which to play, learn, explore, and be children.

*Providing mothers the opportunity to spend time in nature with their babies and each other, facilitating a circle of tribal support and sisterhood during the beautiful yet emotional experience of new motherhood.

*Providing guidance and Coming-of-Age ceremonies to teen girls and boys as they make the transition from child to adult.

*Providing adults with the various Rites of Passages we may have missed out on, such as Blessing Ways, Vision Quests, and Croning Ceremonies.

*Hosting various camps and workshops throughout the year, each focusing on either nature reconnection, soul reconnection, or both.

*Hosting Nature based celebrations and festivals to commemorate the seasons and holidays throughout the year, so that we can connect with our world and celebrate with our local tribe of neighbors.

*Working with local Native Americans to learn from each other, preserve and celebrate local culture, traditions, and language, and provide educational opportunities for Native American children.

*Land Management- We seek to prove that we need not separate ourselves from the natural environment in order to allow it to “heal”, but to demonstrate how human beings are a PART OF the natural environment, and to teach individuals how to interact with, care for, and heal our home by working WITH nature, as opposed to against it. We seek to leave our local ecosystems healthier and more diverse than we found them. This is done through the practice of place-based permaculture, and ethical foraging. We hope to create various food, herb, and medicinal gardens on the existing unused land, to be available not only to members of SEA, but to all those who enjoy the outdoors, pursuing healthy lifestyles, and connecting with a like minded community.

Some ideas of what we hope to offer include:

*Wild Child Day Camps- Nature immersion, child led day camps where the children learn and play in accordance to their own wonderous curiosity.

*Conscious Parenting Circles – Weekly gatherings

*Moon Lodges- New Moon gathering is reserved for women of menstruating age (or beyond) only. Full Moon gathering is family focused and men women and children of all ages are welcomed.

*Week long camps and workshops.  Include Coming-of-Age camps for young men and women, Co-ed Re-wilding camps for school aged children, Native Culture Immersion Camps, as well as camps dedicated to specific techniques such as dance, gardening, foraging, or martial arts.

*Primitive/Ancestral Skills- Fire making, basket weaving, shelter building etc.



*Natural Movement



*Many many more ideas!

We also hope to use our campus as a refuge for captured mustang herds and possibly as a bison ranch.

Obviously this is a HUGE undertaking that will be years in the making. Please reach out if you would like to get involved.



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