Crystal Magic; The Basics


Everything in the universe is made up of energy which vibrates at various frequencies. At a molecular level, all that is, including ourselves, is in a state of constant vibration. Often times, these vibrations will be cancelled out when they come into contact with chaotic energy that vibrates on a different wavelength. However crystals and stones can help to add these vibrations together as their structures allow for the amplification of wavelengths and frequencies.   Because of the ability of stones and crystals to vibrate at a constant rate, they can be used to eliminate energetic distortions and restore a bodies proper balance, which leads to better mental, physical, and spiritual health. For a visual example of what great energy conductors crystals can be, take two pieces of quartz into a dark room and rub them together. The stones will begin to glow from within, releasing substantial light!

Different crystals vibrate at different rates, as do various parts of the body and the environments we live in. Knowing how to collaborate various stone energies with those of the body, mind, or surrounding environment for a more harmonious existence is an extremely beneficial skill, which takes time and experience to cultivate. Remember to not be afraid to experiment with what works best for you, and to have fun as you embark on your crystal journey.


When choosing a crystal it is highly important to listen to your intuition. Your energy body will interact with the energy emitted from the crystal and will naturally be “drawn to” the stone which is emitting the needed frequency. If you are choosing a crystal for a specific purpose, focus on that purpose and pay attention to your gut reaction. If you are choosing a crystal for another person, focus on that individual and allow your heart to guide you to the correct stone. Remember, a crystal emits its own energy, and chooses you as much as you choose it, so be sure to thank the crystal after you have made your selection.


Gemstones easily pick up and store vibrations that are not in harmony with their own natural states. It is also possible for them to retain the memories of thoughts or feelings of those who have previously come into contact with them. Therefore, it is extremely important that any stone you add to your collection be cleansed upon its acquirement. In order to keep your crystals functioning at optimal performance, routine maintenance cleaning is also highly advisable. Some basic knowledge of the stones you hold in your care is recommended before selecting a method of cleaning as some techniques can damage certain stones. For example, many crystals are water soluble or will fade in the sunlight.

The most common way of cleaning crystals is by sunlight. To do this, simply place the crystal in direct sunlight for a few hours. The bombardment of energy inherent in sunlight will strip away any lingering energies which are not natural to the crystal, leaving only the pure energy which is produced by the stone itself. Amethyst, Aventurine, Citrine, Fluorite, and Rose & Smokey Quartz are all crystals which will fade in sunlight, so when cleaning these stone it may be more appropriate to use moonlight or smudging techniques (see below).

Another method is to bury your crystals in the earth for 2 to 3 days. The large amounts of healing energies present in the earth will wash away negative energies clinging to the crystals in the same way that sunlight will, but in a gentler more soothing manner. You can wrap your crystals in a piece of cloth or a bag to help keep soil out of any crevices which could be difficult to keep clean. Be sure to accurately mark the burial sight so you can easily retrieve your stones when you need them!

You can also clean your crystal collection by burying the stones in a bowl of natural sea salt for 7 to 24 hours and help keep them clean by storing them on a bed of salt when not in use. Placing them in the water of a running stream or the light of a full moon will also remove energetic debris, although you must make sure your stones are not water soluble before submerging them in a liquid.

Citrine and Kyanite are the only two self cleaning stones known at this time, and placing your stones on top of them for two to three hours will completely re-energize them, as will smudging them with sage smoke.

These are just some of the most basic ways to clean and care for your crystals. Try making a ceremony out of the act of cleansing. After all this is a conscious collaboration between yourself and the crystal for the mutual benefit of both entities, and recognizing the magic present in such cooperation is a beautiful  and rewarding aspect of crystal work.


In order for a crystal to exude maximum benefits to its user, it must be dedicated to the purpose you will be using it for. To do this, simply hold the stone in your hands and picture it being surrounded by light. You may close your eyes if you find this aids the process. Say, either out loud or to yourself, ” I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all. May it be used in light and in love.” Then, focus on the purpose for which the crystal will be used. Be specific and detailed in this visualization. Close by saying “I program this crystal for {purpose}”. Place the crystal in a location where you will be able to see or touch it frequently, holding it 2 to 3 times a day until you feel the intention has been firmly set.





How do you use crystals? Are they are part of your magical practice or a beautiful addition to your home decor? Let me know in the comments below!

Welcome Home.

Prelude to “The New Witches’ Handbook”:


Hello my sacred sister, and congratulations on finding your magical path! If you are like myself, you may be feeling both a sense of joy and excitement at having experienced “The Calling”, mixed with a bit of trepidation at what comes next. There is so so much to learn. And what will the neighbors think? Not to mention your friends and family. It is only natural that our excitement be tinged with a bit of fear. The horrific persecution many of our ancestors suffered for pursuing their paths still lingers in our memories, as it should. We must always remember to use care and caution when practicing the craft, and it would be unwise to make yourself the target of a modern day witch-hunt, figurative or otherwise. That being said, I want you to realize that you are not alone. There are more of us than you think, and our numbers are growing.

As a young lass, I was fully aware of my beliefs and spirituality, though I had no name for it. I was also aware that there were many people who called themselves witches. But those people tended to be the goth kids, the social misfits, who wore black T-Shirts featuring bloody looking pentacles, spike chokers, and who hung out in the hallways at lunch burning things with lighters they’d smuggled onto campus. That wasn’t really my style. Nor was the structured hierarchy of Wicca or some of the other Pagan based religions I came across in my studies. I eventually discovered Natural Witchcraft, or as it is sometimes referred to as, Wild, Green, or Kitchen Witchcraft, and determined that if I had to put a label on it, my faith fit most easily into these categories, but I kept these thoughts mostly to myself. When it came to my spiritual beliefs, and my beliefs in energy, magic, and the power of the mind, I still felt very much alone.

It was not until I gave birth to my daughter that certain events in my life began happening at a rapid rate, setting off a domino effect of occurrences which resulted in me experiencing The Calling with such a force that it could not be denied. Something within me clicked. This is who I am. This is what I was meant to do, this is the path I was meant to walk. With this acknowledgement and acceptance came a sense of peace and completeness that my soul had not previously experienced. It was such a powerful feeling that I knew I could not be wrong in choosing this unconventional path. I began to write about it. And talk about it. And reach out to people who I could sense were feeling the pulse of magic streaming through their veins just as I was. It was in doing this that I made a pleasant and unexpected discovery: I am far from alone. There are untold numbers of magical beings living both in and out of the broom closet.

I had never felt ashamed for the things I believe, for I knew them in my heart to be true. However, as a result of not ever having any peers growing up who felt the same way, I had often felt guarded, embarrassed even. Most of my classmates were raised either Christian or Catholic, and they quickly learned that taking me along to church on Sunday morning was a bad idea. I asked far too many questions that had no satisfying answers of the poor church staff. To be fair to them, I did rather enjoy watching the color rise in the pastors cheeks when they realized they’d been morally stumped by a grade schooler. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for debate and playing the devils advocate. Regardless, I learned to keep my spiritual beliefs to myself, and while this served me quite well, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get lonely from time to time. These childhood experiences made me somewhat hesitant to open up about my magical path. But the experiences I was now having as a new mother were so profound I could not keep them to myself.

I have been more than thrilled with the overwhelming show of support from both friends, family, and strangers, since my “coming out”. Many of the people I have nervously shared my beliefs with have confessed to feeling the same way. There are so many of us out there longing to re-establish the intimate connections we once had with the Earth and our environments. There are numerous individuals who are waking up and seeing the world with new eyes, recognizing the magic that surrounds them on a daily basis and feeling it’s fire flow through their veins. Even science is headed in the right direction, proving that not only are we all made of the same energetic essence, and that energy can never be destroyed, but it is also acknowledging the fact that our minds, and our thoughts, have much more of an impact on ourselves and our world than we had previously comprehended. Take for example the placebo effect, or the relatively new and groundbreaking field of Noetic Science.

At the time of this writing, Mercury and Pluto are squaring off. We are in the middle of a great shift in global consciousness, an awakening. The stirring you are feeling within yourself, that undeniable call of the Goddess bubbling up from within your own sacred soul, is Mother Earths cry to arms. Her body, her cycles, her health, are all reflected in our own bodies. We can feel the restlessness, like a snake uncoiling from a slumber, lifting her head, read to strike. The Earth is sick, dying. This is a result of humanities break from the Goddess, a rift that has grown between ourselves, the heavens, and the Earth. As we continue to pollute our planet with toxins and exploit her resources until her fertile grounds turn bleak and barren, continuing to believe the illusion that we are somehow separate from Nature, so too do we damage our own sacred bodies. Formerly unheard of diseases are claiming the lives of millions each year, despite all of our best advances in modern medicine. But you, my sacred sister, are beginning to remember. The fact that you are reading this now is proof that you have heard the Mothers Call, for it is for you that this is written. If we as woman, who are so intimately linked to the cyclical dance of the Earth and Skies, do not speak for The Mother, who will? The time for inaction is passed. We have sat by silently for too long, allowing our powers to be suppressed, perverted, and made taboo. If we are to survive as a species, and leave our children in a world we can be proud to pass down, we must stop believing we are insignificant and powerless as women. We must relearn the ancient knowledge of the Goddess, and reawaken the suppressed intuitive powers within ourselves. It is not a task which can be taken lightly, but it is one we can put off no longer.

While the path of the Witch is not without trial, I can promise that it is one filled with truth, magic, wonder, and awe. There is a sense of peace and joy that enters the soul when you humbly acknowledge and accept your divine path. There is a completeness that can be felt down in the core of your being which proves to those in-tuned that this is what you have been brought here to do. You have a purpose. The Goddess needs YOU to speak for her, to act for her, to spread her love and heal the world. This may seem like a monumental task, but never doubt for a second, that you do indeed, have the capacity of healing the planet.

The patriarchal social structures which have ruled our society for several thousand years have had their time in the sun. I think it is safe to say it has royally fucked shit up. These discriminating, selfish, hierarchal and outdated ideals benefit no one. Not man, not woman, not child, and certainly not Mother Earth.

Now it is our turn. Our turn to shake off the chains which have bound our feminine powers and create the magical utopia that is absolutely attainable if we once more learn to live in the harmonious cyclical cycles of Mother Earth and the heavens beyond, and perhaps more importantly, to trust ourselves, our inner Goddess, our intuition, and each other. Remember, before the conquest of Western masculine ideologies some five thousand years ago, cultures from around the globe worshiped the feminine in all her life giving and creative glory. It was women who linked our menstrual cycles to the movement of the moon and planets, it was women who invented astronomy, astrology, yoga and the arts. Women built the first societies, nurtured the first communities, convened and communicated with nature and the unseen energies which surround us, and kept the balance of masculine and feminine in perfect order. It is time to reclaim this power. We will perish if we don’t.

So I applaud you for your courage, and your choice to heed The Call. Wear the title of Witch proudly, teach the masses that far from evil, Witchcraft is a wise and ancient art, full of love, growth, and healing. Never loose the sense of excitement and vitality you feel now. There will always be something more to learn, some opportunity to grow and blossom.

It is my hope that one day there will be no more Witches. One day, I believe, this label will be obsolete, as humanity will have re-established balance with Nature, seeing that witchcraft is not an eccentric hobby, but a way of life. THE way of life. It can embrace all cultures, all geographies, all peoples. We will no longer be Witches, we will simply be human. Human beings living side by side in mutually beneficial relationship with one another, with Mother Earth, and all her inhabitants, guided by the Heavens and confident in our own divinity. Today, however, more than ever, the Witch is needed. The Universe is thirsty for her magic, craving her care and attentions, waiting for her to shape and sooth the damaged energy of the world back into the glowing gem of life , love, and wonder it is meant to be. It is time to reawaken your inner magic and become an active participant in this process. It is time to make a change.

Welcome home my sister, and Goddess Bless.


Did you like this excerpt? If so you may be interested in the rest of “The New Witches’ Handbook, which releases on October 1st, 2018. Or you can subscribe to receive the complete PDF version ABSOLUTELY FREE pre-launch! Cheers!

Add Enchantment to Your Day With These 7 Simple Rituals

“Our lives come from our rituals.” – Esther Hicks

Rituals are a beautiful and creative way of expressing and directing thought and energy. They can be as elaborate or as simple as the practitioner desires; think royal wedding versus courthouse marriage. The process can look vastly different in each circumstance, but the outcome is the same: being married. Both weddings can have profound meaning and importance to the participants, it simply depends on the energy they bring to each ceremony.

At one point in our history, people relied heavily on rituals to both celebrate significant events and ease transitions. There were rituals for changing seasons, hunts, planting, harvesting, birthing, becoming a woman/man, becoming an elder, and so on. Today, our western culture has eliminated all but a few. Most people are familiar with weddings, funerals, birthdays, and baby showers. Although even these have become severely commercialized. However, you don’t need to have an extensive guest list, a wad of cash, or fancy supplies to experience the benefits of ritual for yourself. Your most important assets are creativity and intent. Experiment to see what works well for you. Make them up! Do what speaks to you and has meaning for you.

Here are few simple ideas you can use to get you started. Use daily or as needed. Remember, the more you perform your special rituals, the more powerful and effective they will become:


*The Good Morning Ritual– Upon waking, before you start your day, find a beam or patch of sunlight, (even better if you can step outside for this). Allow the sunshine to fall on your exposed skin. Notice its warm caress. Close your eyes and place your hands in prayer position over heart center. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Smile. Say aloud or in your mind , “Thank you for this day”. Then allow your mind to just be. Don’t think about the day ahead, simply concentrate on the feeling of sunlight being absorbed into your body. In this way you begin your day from a place of peace and presence.


*The Healthy Skin Ritual-Massage all natural coconut oil into your skin. Start at your feet and work your way up your legs, torso, arms, and face. As you rub the oil onto your body envision your hands infusing it with a gold shimmering light which forms a protective and nourishing layer over your entire body. Don’t miss a spot! Practice this daily and experience the noticeably improved health of your bodies largest organ.

woman taking a shower
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*The Shower Ritual– As you shower, visualize the streams of water shooting through your aura and cleansing it of any energetic debris. As the water rolls off your body, any lingering negative vibes are swept away.


*The Anger/Tension Releasing Ritual- Select a specific scent of incense to only be used for releasing anger and a specific herbal tea or tea blend to only be used when anger is present as well. Store them in a special place. The next time you have an argument with your spouse/ partner/child, or are simply feeling icky and aggressive, light your incenses and brew a cup of your special tea. As you smell and sip, allow the tension to melt away. It helps if the other party also gets involved and has some tea as well, even if it is a separate room. Over time, the scent of your specific incense and taste of the tea will automatically trigger your brain to calm down, recenter yourself, and approach the situation in a calm and collected manner.


*The Home from Work Ritual– Sometimes it can be hard to transition from a work
environment to a home environment and vise-versa. Many of us would like an easier way to keep work energy from interfering with family or personal time. Make an amulet or select a certain, meaningful piece of jewelry, (this is a great opportunity to have fun with crystals and symbols), which will be worn only when you or in work mode or only when you are in home mode. For example: The last thing you do before you head out the door to work is put on a delicate gold necklace from which your birthstone hangs, signaling to your subconscious that you are now in work mode but also reminding you to always remember to be true to yourself as you go about your day. Later, upon returning home, you remove the necklace and return it to it’s special place, telling yourself the work day is done, and you can focus on yourself, home, and/or family. Or perhaps it is the opposite. Maybe you have a wonderful crystal ring, large, colorful, elaborate, and very noticeable, however inappropriate or impractical for your workplace.
Once you arrive home, you are able slip on your magic ring, and leave work at work.


*The Hair Goddess Ritual- Use this ritual to bring awareness to the Goddess and to your own inner divinity throughout the day: Braid your hair. That’s it! But do so mindfully. You can braid all of your hair or simply select a small portion underneath. As you braid, note that the three strands represent the maiden, mother, and crone, and think about what lessons can be learned from each. Note how they weave together, creating one beautiful braid. Add charms, beads, or thread in colors that correspond to a mood you wish to invoke or chakra you wish to be mindful of. When you eventually undo your braid, visualize the unraveling as releasing all the love and joy of the goddess out into the universe.


*The Grounding/Re-centering Ritual- I like to use this simple ritual whenever I find myself beginning to feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable in any way, for example, if I am in a large noisy crowd or heated debate. To begin, simply bring your awareness to your pelvic bowl, or uterus. Take a deep breath and visualize this area filling with a shimmering, bright, silvery light. On the exhale, see and feel this light travel up through your Fallopian tubes and into your overlies, which now sparkle like fiery stars on either side of your womb. Know that here, in your womb, you are rooted to the Earth, to the Goddess, and to all woman. You are a creator and life giver. All the answers to all the questions you ever wanted answered lie here, among the magic of your core, if only you learn to listen. Breathe deep as many times as needed, allowing this twinkling light to fill you completely and extend down into the center of the earth. You will now be more present and centered to face whatever life is throwing your way with as much strength and awareness as possible.



These are just a few easy ways you can bring both magic and positive change back into your day-to-day. One of the things I love most about witchcraft is the artistry behind it- the way it promotes and encourages individual creativity. No two rituals need look alike. The ability to personalize and adapt is part of what makes ritual so effective. On the flip side, there is also immense power that is created and activated when many people perform a ritual in the same manner, i.e. using the same words, movements, ingredients, etc. Many rituals are shrouded in secrecy for this very purpose. Rituals that have been passed down for generations hum with a potent energy all on their own, an energy body which is added to (or subtracted from), each time another person performs the ritual, adding to the collective power behind it. Of course, as with all things in life, it is the intent, as well as the ability to focus and direct energy which will really bring these acts to life. The most guarded, mysterious, ‘powerful’ rituals will fall flat, (or perhaps have unintended consequences), if the practitioners heart is not in it and there is no feeling behind it. Similarly, the simplest rituals can prove to be life altering if they are done whole-heartedly and with good intent. There is no right or wrong way to go about using ritual to add a magical sparkle to your life, except to say, as always, listen to your heart and your intuition. Honor your imagination and your creativity. Work for the greatest good of the All , and you will find that all you do becomes blessed by the Great Spirit and supported by the Universe. If reality is a mirror, your rituals are a focused way for you to send out a message making it known as to the reflection you would like to receive back. This life is a co-creative experience after all, and an awe-inspiring one at that.

What are your favorite, easy rituals and how do you use them to sparkle up your life? Let me know in the comments and share in the bounty of magical creation!


“A daily ritual is a way of saying I’m voting for myself; I’m taking care of myself.”- Mariel Hemingway


Witches & REAL Magic…what are they anyways???

Magic is often defined as “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”. While appropriate, my preferred definition is as follows: “Magic is essentially the higher understanding of Nature”. Thats it. Simple.

To me, this definition makes perfect sense. Magic is all around us. It surrounds us every day and flows through us at all times. While it can be mysterious and awe inspiring, there is nothing unnatural or unknowable about it. Another favorite definition of mine is “Magick is raising and channeling the energy found in yourself, nature, and in the Divine”. Witches know that all are connected, and that everything is made of the same miraculous ether. Anyone can experience magic, and everyone should! I believe that life without magic is no real life at all! Once you are aware of its presence and open to its possibilities you begin to recognize it on a daily basis, and you see the world through new and inspired eyes. You see the magic in the colors of a sunrise, or feel it in a warm breeze. You hear it the crashing of waves and smell it in the damp earth after a rain. You taste it in a cup of warm herbal tea and feel it in your very core when you love yourself, your friends, and your family. You come to understand that all life is connected, and harm done to one life form is a hurt done to all, including the Self. Conversely you recognize that no act of kindness is too small, and that each loving act ripples out into the universe and affects everything that is, was, and ever will be.


We take responsibility for our thoughts and our actions, because we understand that even our thoughts are actual energetic beings which have the power of manifesting in our physical realm. We become the creators and keepers of our sacred world. We are divine and powerful beings, yet humble as we experience this gift of earthly human life.

So then, what is a witch? Quite simply a witch is someone who practices witchcraft, or “the Craft”. There are various forms of witchcraft and pagan based religions, and I encourage you to research any that appeal to you. Keep in mind that being a witch does not necessarily mean you are Wiccan or religious. Witchcraft is simply the practice of magic, or ‘Magick’,  which can be a very personal, intuitive, and private experience, or one that is structured, shared, heavily ritualized, or any mixture of the above. There is no right or wrong.

woman in white cap sleeved shirt blowing dust
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As I mentioned in my previous post, about 1 in 25 persons is a born witch. This does not always mean that these individuals walk the ancient path or practice magic. It is quite possible that they lead lives quite removed from nature and the cycles of Mother Earth. Likewise, witchcraft is not limited to those born as natural witches, just as painting is not limited to  those born with natural artistic ability. It is a skill that can be learned with patience and practice if desired, for while not all are born natural witches, we are all connected to The All, all descended from the stars, and all capable of benefiting from magic and performing miracles. In short, being a witch is as much a choice as a calling.

How would you describe magic or define a witch? Let me know in the comments!

I Have Some Exciting News…

No, friends and family, I am not pregnant. But I am happy to say I have reached the end result of a true labor of love!

At the start of 2018 I decided this was the year I was going to actively pursue a career in writing. Because you all have been telling me I should since I was a pre-teen. Plus my mama started calling me on the regular, which is not unusual, except that now she kept asking, “So when are you going to publish? You need to publish soon. What do you need in order to get published? Do you need an agent? I’ll help you find one. Do you need money? I’ll give you the capital. Do you need me to keep calling you every week and reminding you? Because I will.”

Ahhh The Mothers’ Wisdom.

She was right of course. I had been running from my destiny. And no one can see that more clearly than a childs’ own mother.

I am and always have been a writer. But my library of personal writings has been kept mostly under tight under lock and key.


Yet I realized in the depths of winter last year, that I owed it to my mother, my husband, my daughters, and most of all, to myself, to really commit to pursing my craft and being who I am meant to be. To NOT write, to NOT make books, and to NOT share them with the world, means I am I direct opposition to the universe and who I am, on a soul level.

So it is with a sense of relief and inner peace that I am proud to announce I have not one, but THREE books that will be launching within the next 9 months.

The first title to hit the shelves is one of my personal favorites because it is so near and dear to my heart, having been seeded many years ago when I was transitioning from maiden to mother. It is called, “The New Witches’ Handbook”, and will be launching on October 1st of this year, to celebrate the Witches New Year. Click HERE to read more about it, and if it speaks to you, and you,like myself, are a wee bit impatient, be sure to subscribe to receive the first 6 chapters absolutely FREE!

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 9.44.55 AM.png

And be sure to comment to let me know what you think about it. Much love everyone. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

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