How to Decolonize- Step 2


This is a biggie, but I am going to make every attempt to keep it relatively short and sweet.

You are going to have a very hard time every enjoying true health, happiness, and balance, if you believe sex is profane, dirty, and a sin.

Why is that? Look around.

Sex is everywhere. Sex is the source of all life. Sexual energy IS creative energy, and this force, this energy, is a part of everything. There is no divide between the energy used to run a marathon or create a work of art, and that used to bring forth orgasmic bliss. Thus, EVERYTHING IS SEX. We are all here because of sex. Every plant, tree, flower, animal, is directly a product of sexual expression and the union between male and female. It is truly, a beautiful thing…

Healing past sexual trauma, awakening the body and the spirits’ ability to absorb and generate mind-boggling amounts of sexual pleasure, and reclaiming a healthy sexuality and sexual sovereignty are all passions of mine, (so much so that I actually became a certified Tantra Instructor!). Not only do I believe doing these things for the self and for others is a radical step in self-care, self-love, and decolonization, but I truly believe that reframing our attitudes towards sex has the ability to save the world. I’m serious.

Here is an expert from my newest book, “How to F-ck Like a Goddess”, which will be released March 2019:

Sex. It is all around us. It is the reason each of us are

here and a driving force behind much of what we do and how

we behave. There is no denying it’s presence or its potency.

Yet for so many people, sex remains a hugely misunderstood

and complicated concept.

In our modern Western culture, sex is often used to sell,

to shame, to entice, and to manipulate. Flip on any television

program, watch any commercial, glance at the front of the

magazines in the grocery check out line, and you will see that

this is true.

In addition, most Western religions teach that sex is

sinful, something to be ashamed or embarrassed of, and

something you may even be punished for, for all eternity, in the

after life! Talk about confusing. On one hand we are being told

that we need to be sexual dynamos, always ready and able to

please our partners, and looking like societies ideal of the

ultimate man/woman while doing so, and on the other, it has

most likely been ingrained in us from a very young age that

sex and sexuality is bad. A no-no. We are taught to temper

and repress our budding sexuality, to cover it up and rise

above it, yet in the next breath we are told to be tantalizing

sex kittens who can fulfill any partners fantasies at the drop of

the hat.

There are also glaring double standards about sexuality

when it comes to men and women, and these falsehoods are

damaging to males and females alike.

Rarely in our culture is sex given the honor or respect it deserves;

that of a creative and expressive life force, capable of

soothing, healing, and even bringing enlightenment and

spiritual bliss to the conscious practitioner. Rarely is it

recognized as the divine gift and path to endless joy and bliss

that it is.

An individual who is cut off from their sexuality is cut off

from the joy and juiciness of life. They are living a half life. One

lacking in pleasure and sensuality. They can be having sex

every night, every day of the week, but chances are, if it is the

conventional, distracted, goal oriented and friction based form

of intercourse, they are going to be left feeling unfulfilled, as

though something is missing. And indeed it is….

What does all of this have to do with decolonization? Because the colonizers brought with them not just greed and dehumanization-driven violence, but rape. Prior to the arrival of white settlers, rape was unheard of and incomprehensible to the First People, until they experienced it first hand by the foreign invaders. So unthinkable was this devastating act, that it was reported a group of Native hunters could not wrap their heads around it’s reality when they stumbled upon the naked and violated bodies of two indigenous girls they discovered in the woods, surrounded by the boot-prints of a gang of white terrorists. In fact, many tribes held the belief which can be summed up in a well-known Cherokee proverb stating that: “A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.”

European settlers brought something else with them as well: A religion that under no uncertain terms stated that sex was a profane act. Dirty and sinful. (Unless of course you were raping heathens and savages, whom everyone knows are agents of the devil and have no soul. *insert eye roll here* because the enduring hypocrisy of religious fanatics would be laughable if it were not so globally devastating and…dare I say—evil).

Any people, of any color, creed, or culture, living close to the land, in intimate communication with Nature, and harmony with her variety of life forms, knows that far from sinful, sex is the source of all life. It is the foundation of all nature, and arguably the most powerful source of healing and magic(k). You cannot escape it. You are born of it. Step outside, especially during the spring and summer months, and you would need to be blind to not see it (hhmmmmm. WAKE UP!). Birds, dogs, flies, lizards, they all get busy right under our noses! Sex makes the world go round. And (when done right), it feels aaaahhhmazing. Great sex is a human right. Or at least it should be.

When Jesus said sex outside of marriage was a sin, we must remember that this statement was made in a time and place far different than our modern world. We need to remember that people lived and spoke much differently than they do now. For example, children of both sexes were often married off as soon as they reached puberty, around the ages of 13-14. Therefore, sex before marriage really wasn’t that much of an issue. Many people, prior to marriage, were just too damn busy being children. Also, Jesus was a mystic. Mystics have a long, rich history of speaking in codes, riddles, and metaphors. In my life experience, I have observed that the masses of religious people tend to make the grave mistake of trying to interpret their sacred texts in a literal fashion. When Jesus spoke of sex and marriage, he was referring not to the man-made business contract of marriage, which essentially made the woman property of the man, (the word ‘Husband’ comes from Old English/ Old Norse húsbóndi , meaning {male} ’master of a house,’ from hús ‘house’ + bóndi ‘occupier and tiller of the soil.’ The original sense of the verb was ‘till, cultivate’, and it was essentially the husbands job to farm, i.e. till/cultivate, and seed his wife), but to the divine union of male and female energies; The Holy Wedding. There is so much more to divine union that swearing oaths of undying, unquestioning obedience….

So I would like to be clear, it is not the teachings of Jesus Christ I am opposed to. Far from it. It is the institution of western religion, the perversion of his Gospel into a tool used to control and manipulate the masses. To instill fear and dogma. To justify untold horrors and devastation against our brothers and sisters, our families, our tribes, and the children of God/dess. If your understanding of Jesus’ teachins gives you a low view of sex, then you have misunderstood him. Go and read the Old Testament, especially the Song of Songs if you need any encouragement to believe that God says sex is good! Great even.

And if you are serious about decolonizing your headspace and your life, take some time to honestly reflect on how to can go about reprogramming your mind so that it is able to be healed from the lies about one of your greatest personal powers (SEX) that it has been inundated with. Liberate yourself, and reap the hard earned rewards.


“Part those sheets like holy waters, and I will worship your skin like a born again believer.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

How to Decolonize- Step I, Part II:


So how do you go about actually changing your relationship to food? It requires a shift, a break from old patterns and a shattering of long held illusions. I never said it would be easy. I am saying it makes the reward that much sweeter…the fact is that nothing will change unless you change, which means consciously acting out of the norm when it comes to first thought, and then action. Constant awareness and vigilance lovers. These are skills well worth cultivating, (toss in some patience while you’re at it). Do not expect your situation/environment to change if you yourself are not willing to change. And we’re trying to decolonize and rewind here people! We need to learn to welcome and embrace change with arms wide open and in complete surrender. I hate to break it to you, but it’s sorta our last hope. While thats a bleak prognosis, it healing from the wounds of domestication does not have to be a harrowing or traumatic experience. It can be gentle, peaceful, organic. Grounded and rooted in love, the way Nature intends. So go easy on yourself and your neighbor, but be accountable and responsible for your actions and the the extent to which your energy affects the entire planet mmmkay. It is all connected. That’s one thing both science and spirituality agree on. We are all connected. All is one. experiment with the following suggestions as you see fit. More than anything, ask yourself how each idea feels to you, in theory and practice, which means making room to both enact the practice and reflect on the experience:


  1. Really understand what food IS. How magical and how powerful it is. This isn’t hard to do if you just take some time to meditate on it a bit, but you must have a willingness and desire to change your perspective. Food is MAGIC, plain and simple. All food comes from plants. Even if/when you eat meat, that meat you are eating is built on….plant food. What do deer eat? Bison? Cows? Plants. But what about animals that feed on other animals? Like bears, sharks, etc? They, like other predators, including us humans, feed on other animals that are alive because of the plant material they ingest. Thus, all diets, whether directly or indirectly, rely on plants.  At the heart of ALL food, is the plant. I would really like to hammer this idea home. What is a plant? A plant is a living being that has its own spirit and its own consciousness. Science is proving more and more every day that trees and plants are far more aware than westerners have been led to believe. (Don’t worry, if you have a hard time wrapping your head around this, I will be writing more on this subject in the near future as well as linking/listing my resources for those who like to see ‘facts’ from more reputable sources than myself ;))  A plant is both a metaphor and an expression. It is an expression of life and balance, built directly from the elements, requiring the right kind and the right amount of sun light (fire), water, earth, and air. The seed of every plant contains within it, an entire forest. All life begins with a seed, (remember “Fern Gully”?), and that seed must detach from its’ parent and ‘die’, literally undergoing a period of decomposition within the deep dark bowls of the earth, before re-emerging into the light as a new and transformed being. Then these amazing creations make filter our air, give us oxygen, regulate moisture and rainfall, and feed the entire web of life. They take sunlight and transform it into energy, for us. They are also the source of all health and medicine. Their healing properties have been know to perform miracles. And all of that is not even touching on the issue of psychedelics and what that brings to the table. But moving on…. Think about what eating really is: Taking another life forms body, be it plant or animal, and absorbing that life, that energy and essence into your own body, so that you may continue to live on this earth. Every time you eat understand that someone, somewhere, made the ultimate sacrifice for you. That is love. Food is love, (real food that is). You depend on the death of other beings to survive, no way around it. But once you face your fear of death and your own mortality, you realize what a beautiful and miraculous gift you have every time you sit down for a meal. You understand that you have the ability to heal yourself in every way, on every level, from the inside out, simply by understanding that everything about you is built upon the foundation of your food and what you are allow into your body. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! I cannot stress this more….monika-grabkowska-358926-unsplash

2. Learn to Hunt/ Gather. This is the way humans were designed to eat, based on HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of years of evolution. You cannot totally break away from this fact over the course of a couple centuries and not expect some serious reproductions. Man does not know more than Nature, and try as he might, he never will. Get over it already.


Until quite recently in North American history, (some time around 1492 to be more precise. *cough* cough*).  Human beings, for the most part, (the exception being people located along the pacific coastline, where resources were so plentiful there was no reason to travel much), moved with the seasons and tended the land along the way. This was the way it was for thousands of years. And there was balance. But some folks came along, (damn immigrants!) and decided to utterly annihilate this culture and lifestyle and forced an entire continent of human-beings into captivity. Killed all the game, poisoned the water, forbade the hunt, (and the language/s), and forced them to farm the land, stealing and swindling what was harvested, and even making it illegal for people within an family or tribe to share land with each other. According to the new world order, it was every man for himself, and the white man was the law.

Despite what we may have learned in school, agriculture was not humanities holy grail. In fact, when you take a good hard, honest look at history, and the (steadily declining) state of the world and health of humanity since the dawn of the agricultural revolution, you will find exactly the opposite to be true. God didn’t kick us out of the garden, we walked out ourselves to become farmers, arrogantly thinking we could bend the environment to our will. HA! again, more on this later. I’m pretty sure popular consensus would be grinding its’ teeth reading this. Suffice it to say hunting and gathering is not only the lifestyle that is the healthiest for the land and all other non-human inhabitants, it’s actually what provides the most health benefits to us as individuals as well. And is a wonderfully sensual, eye-opening, pleasurable experience. But yes-it is a HUGE lifestyle change. I have a personal goal of one day being able to harvest ALL my food directly from the wild. I have such a long way to go, yet I can assure you I have not found a path more magical or over all soul-satisfying. Start with something small, like collecting wild dandelion, acorns, or blackberries. Start researching local foraging guides and if you eat meat, connect with a local hunter whose views and ethics you can stand behind. Do your research and be your own best advocate. This is a huge yet admirable quest.brigitte-tohm-351791-unsplash


3. Grow your own. If you can’t or won’t hunt and gather, consider trapping/gardening. Or at least gardening. Being able to grow your own food is hugely empowering and a huge step towards financial liberation. The more food you can produce directly on your property, the kinder you are being to our planet and your wallet. The less dependent you are on industrial agriculture which is steadily and unflinchingly killing our planet and the souls of her children. Even if you don’t own your own land or have a yard, there is tons (and I do mean tons) of food which can successfully be grown indoor. Start with the essential windowsill herb garden if your scared. You can do it! I believe in you!

4. Buy local and seasonal. The next best thing would be to find a person who does grown their own food at home and buy from them. While the idea of farming at all is still something I struggle with, there is no doubt that small scale local farmers are FAR less damaging to the environment than shopping at the big name grocery store conveniently located just down the road. The benefits are multidimensional, including everything from less fossil fuels being used to acquire it, your money going directly back into YOUR local economy and neighborhood, you getting to meet your neighbors and the people whom you share your ecosystem with, (who knows, you may even find yourself being sucked into some weird hippie community love circle or something. If it feels nice…..), and you will likely be receiving product that is far superior in flavor, (which equates to nutritional value. How convenient!), because the soil quality hasn’t been completely eradicated by over-tilling, improper or non-existant crop rotation, flooded by pesticides, and compromised via GMO’s. If the farmer has done her research and taken the time to restore and possibly enhance soil quality, and if she is growing using holistic permaculture practices, native flora, and incorporating foraging hubs for native wildlife, so much better! In addition, eating seasonally means you are both plugging your self directly into the cycle of Nature and The Wheel of the Year, AND fortifying your body with the nutrients needed to give your health the greatest boost during each successive season. You reworking WITH the Earth, rather than against it. Which any sane person can tell you is a futile effort and insane waste of energy.

5. Buy organic. Finally, if the above suggestions seem to out of reach, (and let me reiterate, they are all quite doable. Pretty much every community has a local CSA program. If everyone stopped shopping at the market and connected with their local farmers/hunters, what a beautiful world this would be!), you can start making the transition to living a healthier life by making sure you buy organic when and where-ever possible. Now please be careful here, as there are a few things to be aware of. Fist of all, the organic title is regulated by the FDA. Always keep one eye open and on the FDA. They are essentially bottom beesh for big name pharma. Contrary to what popular belief may be, I assure you their agenda is NOT protecting the health of US citizens. Plus, getting legally certified as organic is expensive. Extremely expensive. This means that many small farms and local growers simply cannot afford to call their produce organic. It reeks of economic oppression. Especially since organic food can be much more expensive to purchase than non-organic. Sometimes up to 3x more. So who gets to buy and eat this stuff hmmmm? Think about it. Who are the ones essentially forced to eat poison because they cannot afford to feed themselves and their families anything but the cheapest, (most toxic) food they can get their hands on. Yes, it’s a rhetorical question. clem-onojeghuo-97090-unsplash

That being said, if you in any way, shape, or form, CAN afford to buy organic, even if you have to cut back and make some sacrifices elsewhere in your life, even if you cringe a bit at the price tag on the $9 organic strawberries when the non-organic ones are on sale for $3.50, I respectful request that you buy organic, and do so gratefully and with full awareness of the privilege and abundance you have been blessed with. Why? Organic means that the produce was grown without the use of CHEMICAL pesticides and artificial fertilizers. But let’s be clear here: Many organic farmers use pesticides, and use them liberally. The organic title is concerned not with whether or not pesticides are used, (contrary to popular belief), but the origin of the pesticides used. This means that if the pesticides are deemed ‘natural’, they’re given the green light. And what is considered ‘natural’ and the amount which can safely be used is something that is constantly shifting by FDA standards, (likely due to who is footing the payroll), so BE AWARE. Oh and, strangely enough, the FDA does not track or regulate the amount of pesticides used on organic farms, where these pesticides are often used even more frequently than on conventional farm because they are usually less effective. And here we thought we were consuming pesticide free! Perhaps you should’ve taken the blue pill…

Furthermore, just because something was grown “Organic” doesn’t mean it was grown in a way that isn’t wreaking havoc on the environment. Organic labels don’t deal with issues such as soil quality, GMO’s, crop rotation, etc. Factory farming is factory farming, and the results are devastating whether or not the pesticides being used passed the FDA’s questionable criteria for the coveted ‘organic’ label or not. Again, its all about the money. Many farms are organic not because they care about your health or the health of the world, but because there is a demand for it, and they know they can charge a shit ton more by slapping the word organic on their label which prevent the average Joe from looking into it any further. Don’t be an average Joe. Don’t assume that because you are buying organic quinoa you are saving the world. Most likely, your not, you are simply perpetuating and participating in a broken system that is doomed to fail and take down many innocents along the way. Yet as we previously talked about, it it vitally important that we learn to vote with our dollars, and if we as consumers are consistently making it known via our purchasing power that reducing the amount of pesticides in food and taking care of Mother Earth is something we give a shit about, and our money says so, you’d better believe producers and policy makers are going to sit up and pay attention. We just need to make sure we are holding ourselves and our farms accountable, and not taking the easy way out by buying all organic and then turning a blind eye to the reality of the situation. You still need to do your research to find out exactly where your organic food is coming from and how it is grown. This way, you keep yourself from getting ripped off, and from being an ignorant American who’s lack of information and willingness to outsource all personal responsibility keep you blissfully unaware of the global harm you yourself are helping to perpetuate every time you buy a bunch of chiquita bananas.

6. Teach yourself to love cooking. This has been a struggle for me. Growing up, I saw cooking as a chore. It was an obligation, responsibility, and source of stress. This is of course due to personal family dynamics and not the nature of cooking itself, and this has been an area of continuous healing for me. patrick-browne-568830-unsplash

As a child, the last thing I wanted to do was help my mom in the kitchen. That was kinda like having to clean my room. I would have much rather gone outside to play or hidden away in a secluded spot to read. Honestly, I still harbor much of these sentiments. BUT- I have also learned to find joy and pleasure in cooking. Food is love. It is art. It is delicious. It is creative expression. It gives life, promotes healing, builds community. What’s not to like? Yes, it does take some know-how. There is a learning curve. Planning and preparation are required. It is time consuming. But remember how I talked about how wonderful and magical food is? Remember that it is your greatest opportunity to practice and infuse REAL magic into your day to day life and to reap instant and gratifying results? Hold onto that thought and enjoy the process. Stop valuing instant gratification and convenience over quality and creativity. If I can do it, if I can change my childhood programing from Cooking=drudgery/work to Cooking=art/sensual stimulation & creative expression, you can too. Trust me, my cooking basis runs deep. All it takes is the desire to grow and a willingness to change.

7. Eat for health AND pleasure. Never loose sight of why we’re here. Each person has their own opinion on this but I believe we are here to both restore the natural balance of this fleeting world, and to experience as much love, joy, and pleasure whilst doing so. This is LIFE! YOU are a miracle! This whole journey should be fun, exciting, awe-inspiring, and yes, expect some challenges. How boring would life be otherwise 😉

Changing your relationship to food does not mean you need to stop enjoying food or eat nothing but organic kale chips and green smoothies for the rest of your life. It means reconnecting to the source of life. To Nature herself, and taking that relationship to new and thrilling depths. You may find you develop a kind of love affair with food and cooking. I hope you do. Relationships that offer that much potential for healing and thriving health are hard to come by.


How To Decolonize- Step I, Part I:


This is HUGE.

And way easier said than done.

You have spent an entire lifetime enforcing your eating habits. From what you eat to how you eat.

Making changes in this area is going to be HARD. Breaking any habit is hard. CHANGING is hard. Yet it is so SO worth it. Plus, I can promise you, once you get over the initial hump of adjustment, the benefits waaaayyyyy outnumber any initial struggles you may face. What was difficult in the beginning is transformed to a wonderful and sensuous adventure as you learn to source, prepare, and thoroughly enjoy your food. You will look, feel, and BE so much healthier, happier, and connected to Nature. You will understand what it is to be reborn and to come alive again. I’m serious.

Before I dive into how to do this, let me answer the following: Why is food so important to decolonization? (And if you are wondering why I am passionate about the need to decolonize, you can read my essay on THAT topic by clicking here.)

#1) You cannot be a truly free/sovereign human being if you do not know how to eat properly. We need food to survive. Food is our life source. Without it, we die, and rather quickly. And when we eat fake, processed, chemically saturated food, we get sick, are miserable for awhile— and then die.

When we hand over the task of feeding ourselves and our families to outside sources, to massive corporations who care nothing about people, human rights, or the environment (the source of all real food and thus, THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE), but only for profits and power, we literally hand over our freedom. When you let someone else be in control of your food, you let someone else be in control of YOU.

agriculture basket beets bokeh
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#2) You vote with your dollar. Money is what drives politics and our government. It should be quite obvious to you by now that politicians care nothing about creating a better world for all of us, but only about obtaining more money, power, and prestige for themselves. If the goal of politics/politicians was really to create a harmonious existence amongst humanity, we’ve given them plenty of time and free passes to figure it out and get their shit together.

Instead, politicians have continued to fail miserably, and proven themselves to be worse than incompetent.

If they had any integrity, they would either: A. Dismantle the system and start fresh, or B. At the very least take a good, hard, honest look at our political system and government structure- and give it the massive overhaul it so desperately needs. But they don’t, and here we stand.

We stand facing the cold hard truth that the government cares nothing for its people, and is concerned only with keeping wealth and power concentrated within a VERY small group of individuals who control the bulk of the worlds economic resources. These people follow the money. Where it goes, they will follow, with all the enthusiasm of a dog pressing its nose up against another dogs butthole during a first encounter.

If we as consumers demand that our products are clean, not filled with poisons and pesticides, wholesome, and sourced in ways that do not destroy the environment and oppress indigenous people, people of color or low economic status, if we take the time and the little effort that is required to really research our food and where it comes from, and then refuse to financially support all those companies who’s practices are killing our ecosystems and destroying our health and our planet (ONE AND THE SAME PEOPLE!!! ONE. AND. THE. SAME!), these same companies will be FORCED to immediately clean up their act. EVERY.DOLLAR. YOU SPEND. COUNTS. Who you hand your money over to makes WAAAAYYY more of a difference in the world than the amount of crystals you own, time you spend in prayer/meditation, or witty & empowering insights and solutions you share on Instagram. Stop kidding yourself. If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem. None of us are innocent, but we are all capable of becoming real life heroes. The first thing you must do is go head to head with your own ignorance, and kill it. Even if the battle is exhausting. You can do it. The Universe is at your back.

Aside from shelter, food is most peoples biggest and most pressing expense. There is so much opportunity to affect not only the quality of food you eat, (which correlates directly to your health and genetic expression), but to affect national and global policy concerning environmental health and human rights in a positive way, simply by learning how to NOT fund the evil-doers with your hard-earned money.

woman holds sliced pizza seats by table with glass
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#3) Proper eating is the fastest, easiest, BEST way to give the finger to the colonizer, honor your ancestry, your environment, and take back your health. 

We are, quite literally, that which we eat. Our bodies are built directly from the substances we take into ourselves. And the elements. (More on that later. Suffice it to say that food is the magical expression of all the elements joined in together in live promoting harmony).

Once this meant we were Wild. Free. Vibrant. ALIVE. Now, for many, it means we are filled to the brim with lab conceived chemicals, unnatural colorings and flavorings, a laundry list of known carcinogenic substances which the FDA conveniently turns a blind eye to, and genetically modified “foods” whose long term effects on the human genome we know nothing about. We have become, as Pink Floyd would say “comfortably numb”. Or for many unfortunate folks- Uncomfortably numb.

Pause and take a moment to really consider the following: If we are LITERALLY formed and kept alive by what we eat, and if our energy and physical structure results directly from our food, (which is not fake news btw, but well-known scientific fact), would you rather eat a wild deer, who spent her life free, running through the forest, hiding, playing, mating, eating wild greens and forage, drinking live, free-flowing water, (that has hopefully not been tainted by human pollution), and was killed quickly and as humanely as possible during the hunt, whose spirit was then thanked, honored, and cherished, and whose body was used as a sacred source of food, clothing, tools, and shelter building material,….. or a cow, who was conceived via artificial insemination, born in a cage, immediately separated from her mother, spent her life in a concrete and metal box, knee deep in shit, shot up with bucketfuls of antibiotics, growth hormones, and who knows what else, was not fed what her body was designed to eat, was not allowed to move, run, play, or mate, or to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and was then killed at a slaughter house that stank of fear and death, where the cries of tortured animals greeted her upon arrival of her last day alive on Earth, and where she was then butchered cruelly, painfully, without compassion…which one would you rather take into your own body? How do you think each would affect you differently?

close up photography of brown deer
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And we wonder why physical and mental health in America is decreasing and why more people, including young children, are sick with allergies, depression, chronic diseases and cancers than ever before, or why people (including our children) are flying off the handle left and right and thinking that shooting masses of innocent civilians is the best course of action…

Our ancestors were plugged directly into Nature through the food they grew, foraged, and hunted in their immediate local landscapes. There is no act more intimate, (except maybe sex), than eating. Than willingly taking another life forms’ body and essence (be it plant or animal) into the deepest bowls of our own bodies, and transmuting this being into the energy that sustains us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Native people knew this and were a PART OF the environment and part of a community that spanned across species.

Then, some white men come from a foreign land and take this all away. Prevent people from hunting. Force us into captivity and force us to farm THEIR food, which prevents us from moving in the natural, seasonal patterns we were designed to follow based on THOUSANDS OF YEARS of co-evolving in a mutual and intimate relationship with our unique and wonderfully diverse environment. By taking away our traditional food sources, we were cut off from Nature at the root.

This sets off a chain reaction of gross-imbalance and devastation which leaves North America reeling and from which we are still not recovered and currently deep within the process of reaping some of the larger and more devastating impacts we as a nation have sown.

Wildfires, floods, mudslides, water pollution, soil depletion, species extinction…none of this happened anywhere near to the extent it is occurring now. This is not because there are more people. This is because Native people knew, understood, and holistically managed their environments to a degree that most can only imagine, one which would bring the top environmental ‘scholars’ and permaculture enthusiasts to their knees in awe and appreciation. The environment was (IS) a living, breathing, FEELING entity which was truly loved, and thus, treated with awe and respect. It was celebrated. It was protected.

brown bison on top of brown mountain with green grass field

Learn about the region you live in. Who are the Natives? What did they eat? How did they get the bulk of their nutrition? Look at your own ancestry. Go back far enough and you will find you are from “Native” people as well. Go back further still and you’ll find out you’re actually black and your ancestry is African, but again, thats another topic for another time.

For now, try to zero in on what your known ancestors ate. Compare it to what was traditionally eaten in your region by the locals, (the real ones), and see where they meet. If there is no common ground between the local indigenous diet and that of your heritage, go with what makes the most sense to you and with what you enjoy the most. The key is to make sure it is organic, local, and seasonal. If we all did this, Eden would bloom mañana.

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Peace, Love, and Good Food, Always.

I Have Some Exciting News…

No, friends and family, I am not pregnant. But I am happy to say I have reached the end result of a true labor of love!

At the start of 2018 I decided this was the year I was going to actively pursue a career in writing. Because you all have been telling me I should since I was a pre-teen. Plus my mama started calling me on the regular, which is not unusual, except that now she kept asking, “So when are you going to publish? You need to publish soon. What do you need in order to get published? Do you need an agent? I’ll help you find one. Do you need money? I’ll give you the capital. Do you need me to keep calling you every week and reminding you? Because I will.”

Ahhh The Mothers’ Wisdom.

She was right of course. I had been running from my destiny. And no one can see that more clearly than a childs’ own mother.

I am and always have been a writer. But my library of personal writings has been kept mostly under tight under lock and key.


Yet I realized in the depths of winter last year, that I owed it to my mother, my husband, my daughters, and most of all, to myself, to really commit to pursing my craft and being who I am meant to be. To NOT write, to NOT make books, and to NOT share them with the world, means I am I direct opposition to the universe and who I am, on a soul level.

So it is with a sense of relief and inner peace that I am proud to announce I have not one, but THREE books that will be launching within the next 9 months.

The first title to hit the shelves is one of my personal favorites because it is so near and dear to my heart, having been seeded many years ago when I was transitioning from maiden to mother. It is called, “The New Witches’ Handbook”, and will be launching on October 1st of this year, to celebrate the Witches New Year. Click HERE to read more about it, and if it speaks to you, and you,like myself, are a wee bit impatient, be sure to subscribe to receive the first 6 chapters absolutely FREE!

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And be sure to comment to let me know what you think about it. Much love everyone. Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

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